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Le Tonneau

A new Swiss cheese for gourmets

Delight your cheese lovers with a new delicacy - Le Tonneau - a newcomer cheese from Switzerland. Shaped like a barrel, (“tonneau” in French), the cheese has a dark, grooved rind that conceals a delicious, exceptionally smooth, creamy, fruity paste.

Recently created in 2004, Le Tonneau has all the character of a large cheese, offering a unique taste with a full, nutty flavor. Made from fresh cow’s milk, Le Tonneau has a semi-soft consistency, dense texture and slightly tangy finish.
Le Tonneau’s rotund form is a historic refer-ence to Swiss Alpine traditions. During the winter months, mountain villages in Switz-erland would – and often still - become snowbound and cut off from their valley neighbors. In times gone by, villagers would store meats, fishes and vegetables in barrels of brine to preserve their food during the harsh snowy period.
Le Tonneau has a relatively short ageing period of two months, yet yields an aromatic and robust flavor. It is a great snacking cheese but may also be used to melt and mix with other traditional Swiss cheeses for fondue.