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Le Maréchal

Inspired by family, destined for history

Le Maréchal is produced by a single family in the canton of Vaud, near the River Broye in Switzerland. The product is a relative newcomer to the cheese world, as artisan cheese maker Jean-Michel Rapin only began producing this gourmet product in 1992. Named after his grandfather, a blacksmith, or “marechal-ferrant”, the cheese pays tribute to his cherished relative, a “robust character with a warm heart under a tough skin.” Produced in limited quantities, each cheese wheel sports an image of the inspiring family member.

The Rapin family from Granges-Marnand are entrepreneurial local dairy farmers who set themselves the challenge of developing a special cheese with a smooth, creamy taste. The resulting cheese is reminiscent of a fine Gruyère yet this hard, pressed cheese has a unique, savory flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture all of its own. The distinguishing characteristic of Le Maréchal is the herb crust, and the cheese is subtly impregnated by the flavors of these aromatics that are rubbed on by hand during the ripening process. Since 1992, when the first Le Maréchal cheese wheels were matured in the cellars of the Granges dairy, the master cheese maker’s initiative has gone from strength to strength. Le Maréchal is now very popular among cheese connoisseurs and finds pride of place on the finest tables.