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L’Etivaz AOP

A world-class cheese from a small Swiss hamlet

L’Etivaz AOP is a highly regional cheese made by a handful of local dairies: just 72 families in and around the hamlet of L’Etivaz in southwestern Switzerland produce this hearty, seasonal cheese. Discover this delightfully flavorful product, a gourmet ambassador for the tiny terroir from where it hails.

The canton of Vaud in the Swiss Alps is home to the picturesque hamlet of L’Etivaz. Each morning between May 10th and October 10th, local dairying families produce L’Etivaz, a hand-crafted, firm cheese made of raw milk. During the season, approximately 130 mountain dairy chalets welcome the families and their cheesemaking equipment. Milk is sourced exclusively from cows milked at the chalets and is transformed into cheese in a traditional manner, in large copper cauldrons over a wood fire. The botanical diversity of the mountain herbs infuses the rich raw milk with a delicious palette of subtle aromatic flavors, with a slight nutty note.
L’Etivaz AOP is aged between 4 and 13 months and keeps well. Due to its exceptional locally made heritage, this cheese has been awarded the AOP methods/aop-label.
This rare cheese deserves pride of place on a gourmet cheese platter. L’Etivaz needs little accompaniment and can be simply enjoyed with a fruity wine or a crisp piece of fruit.
L’Etivaz AOP is only produced by the local Alpages dairy in Etivaz. Please note that due to the seasonal production of L’Etivaz, this cheese is only available during certain months of the year.

AOP label