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Jura Rebell

Alpine cheese from an ancient region

The Jura mountain range in Switzerland is an ensemble of limestone summits and high plateaus that stretches across the south west of the country. The many fossils discovered in the Jura region gave rise to the geologic time known as the Jurassic Period. It is in this ancient canton that Jura Rebell cheese is produced, from cows that graze on the mountain prairies.

With a pale and creamy appearance, Jura Rebell cheese is semi-firm with a smooth texture. Made of traditional techniques in local dairies, the sweet and pure flavor of this specialty cheese originates from the pretty brown and white Montbeliard cows that feed on pristine, flower-filled pastures.
Rich, raw milk is used to produce this savory delight. Boasting a rounded, distinctive flavor this deliciously authentic product makes a wonderful addition to any cheese board. Enjoy after a meal, or with a glass of fruity white wine, to set off the nutty flavor of this delect-able mountain cheese.
The Jura Rebell cheese distributed by Mifroma USA is produced by the Swiss dairy, Spielhofer.