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Aletsch Grand Cru

A magnificent cheese from the Swiss Glacier

Aletsch Grand Cru cheese marries the purity of Alpine cuisine with the refinement of Mediterranean wine culture. The cows that graze near the splendid Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland feed on the rich and rare mountain flora. The resulting milk is flavorful and aromatic, creating a magnificent cheese, which is then drenched in full-bodied wine.

Semi-hard Aletsch Grand Cru boasts a lovely ivory color and a creamy, crumbly texture. This aromatic cheese, with its bouquet of herby spices is produced by artisan cheese makers to a long-held recipe, using quality, pasteurized Swiss milk. The alliance of flavors arises when the cheese is covered in wine dregs during the maturation process. This infuses the cheese with fruity notes and creates the characteristic crimson rind.
Savor a slice of Aletsch Grand Cru on its own or serve as a sophisticated, tangy appetizer.
Gourmets can slice this cheese into fine, carpaccio shards and drizzle with walnut oil for true epicurean pleasure. Enjoy Aletsch Grand Cru - a cheese as magnificent as the Glacier landscape from which it hails.
Aletsch Grand Cru is produced in Alexander Walker’s dairy.