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Spitzebärg Goat

How a classic Emmentaler producer ended up making tiny goat cheeses

What does a cheese maker do when a neighbor shows up with a bucket full of goat milk? He invents a new cheese. And what does the son of a cheese maker do after he takes over the operation? He dumps the tradition and produces nothing but new cheeses.

Gohl, where the Guggisberg dairy is situated, stands as a hamlet above Langnau, the (unofficial) capital of the Emmental region. It thus comes to no surprise that all the cheeses Hans Guggisberg, the meanwhile retired owner, used to craft were massive wheels of Emmentaler. Until the day that is, some 40 years ago, when a neighbor brought him milk from one pet goat he had gifted his kids with.

This little incident marked the start of a new area. Guggisberg bought additional goat milk and began producing small batches of simple, fresh goat cheeses. Almost three decades later, when son Samuel took over from his Dad, he decided to go the interesting route rather than the known one and try new things. He resigned from his contract with the Emmentaler organisation and instead started to create novelties made of goat and sheep milk.

The Spitzebärg Goat is named after the steep hill Gohl is located at. The semisoft, only 4 lbs weighing cheese is pasteurized, has a smeared rind and a dense, smooth paste that sometimes shows tiny holes. It can be consumed between the young age of six weeks and up to four, five months, when the flavors are pronouncedly goaty, yet still noble and balanced. - The Spitzebärg Goat is a perfect example that tiny does not mean minor. And that breaking out of a system can be refreshing and enlightening.