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Only the very best wheels get honored with this name

The term senior not only is related to age. It also suggests a certain level of recognition and respect. And in the case of this cheese it means the highest step on the ladder of quality.

Erich Reichmuth treats his cheeses like humans. He admits that each single one has its character and individuality. And that not each one is driven by the same purpose. - So when the Senior actually is born, Reichmuth and his team don’t call it this name yet. Nor do they know which specific or how many wheels of that one batch indeed will become Seniors.

At birth, this cheese is simply called Rigi, referring to the big, beautiful mountain towering Schwyz, a small town in the historically very important Urschweiz (original Switzerland), where it is made. The moment of truth for the Rigi - or better: Senior - comes after three months in the aging facility in nearby Brunnen. At this point Reichmuth and his crew taste and judge the cheeses and decide which wheels are destined to become Seniors. Only those cheeses who show all the qualities it takes to mature into sheer perfection are chosen. And from thus on called Senior.

Senior is made of pasteurized cow milk produced by herds grazing in the close vicinity of Rigi and the famous Rütli meadow, where Switzerland more than 720 years ago was founded. The cheese has a very smooth paste and stays extremely creamy even after 7 months of aging or more. The flavors are robust and rustic, with notes of grasses, herbs and burnt sugar. A cheese that truly deserves its name - and recognition.