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Le Bon du Jura

An organic cheese from the rolling hills of Jura

What happens when simply perfect milk gets into the cauldrons of two passionate craftsmen? A wonderful cheese like the Le Bon du Jura is born.

They deeply love the Gruyère they make. They also are proud of their Raclettes, soft ripened and washed rind cheeses. Oh, and their yogurt and wonderful butters. - But then there is Le Bon du Jura. And that’s when Hans-Peter Furrer’s and Willi Berger’s eyes really light up.

This hard cheese is made of organic cow milk delivered daily by a dozen farmers spread throughout the Ajoye, the lovely region literally leading from the backyard of Furrer’s and Berger’s Fromagerie des Reussilles up and down the soft hills of the Bernese Jura. The lush grass and ubiquitous pine trees this region is famous for are reflected in its rich and aromatic cheeses

The producer pair has been playing with both recipes and affinage for almost two years before they arrived at what now is the gorgeous Le Bon du Jura (“The Good of Jura”). This is cheese with a character, it comes with a bite and a soft edge at the same time. There are notes of hazelnuts, caramel and cream, and the aromas remind of barns and sweet smelling cheese aging rooms. The finish is nicely balanced, long and round. Le Bon du Jura has a reddish-brown rind from the 8 months long washing, and an ivory colored, firm yet smooth paste with few small holes every here and there. It is a perfect munching cheese and very versatile for pairing with wines and beers, but also has a great melting ability. - Fondue, any one?