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L’Etivaz AOP Private Collection

The “crème de la crème” of a precious cheese - just for you

Not all L’Etivaz AOP is the same, and that’s the beauty about it. We found that even more beautiful would be to consistently get the best one. That’s how L’Etivaz AOP Private Collection was born.

Most probably you never have had a mediocre L’Etvaz AOP. This is a top notch seasonal and alpine cheese, taken care of by a role model coop that early on has demonstrated a sense for taking great care of not only the product but also its marketing. What could then be even better than L’Etivaz AOP? To enjoy the wheels from only one and the same producer exclusively, we thought. So we chose our favorite cheese - who turned out to be one judged with the maximum score of 20 points - and the folks from the coop gave us their blessings to name it L’Etivaz AOP Private Collection.

It is made on Alp Grand Ayerne, 4,500 ft. above sea level, in the L’Hongrin area of the lush Pays d’Enhaut (Vaud canton). In a chalet built in the year 1900, René-Maurice Lenoir crafts his L’Etivaz AOP from the milk of 68 cows. The raw milk cheese appears complex in tastes, aromas and textures, yet is very easy to eat. There is sweetness and salt, creaminess and crunch, the perfect hint of lovely acidity and green notes. Descriptions like clean, fresh and crisp come to mind, and taking in account the genuinity and floral richness on those alps, they only make sense.

The roots of L’Etivaz AOP reach back to the 12th century. 1932 the coop of L’Etivaz Alpine Cheese Producers was founded, and only two years later - with the target to optimize the quality of the cheese and its commercialization - the first communal aging cellar was constructed. In the meantime the building counts four caves and is able to hold 30,000 wheels. In 2000 L’Etivaz was the first cheese to receive AOP status in Switzerland. Until this day 72 families still move up to the Alps of Pays d’Enhaut in order to produce L’Etivaz AOP in the 130 remaining chalets situated on altitudes between 3,000 and 6,000 feet.

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