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Green Fairy

Eye catcher and palate pleaser

No, we won’t tell you that it is the fairy who puts the herbs into this cheese. But fairies actually are involved in the making process.

From the outside, the Green Fairy might just look like so many other cheeses. Cut open though, the story drifts into a completely different direction. The hard paste is heavily spiked with tiny specks of herbs, lending it a lively green hue. The first bite reveals that the herbs are fresh - not dried - and of all different kinds. Nothing gets stuck in one’s teeth, but there is a breeze of fresh, green, herbaceous notes - even coolness - left on the palate at the very finish of this milky-creamy experience. Rare deliciousness.

The alpine herbs are organically grown in different areas of Berner Oberland (Bernese Alps), a region in which the flora still is much more diverse and rich than down in the flat lands. The mixture of herbs is kept secret and can vary according to the seasons. And the ladies who grow, tend to, harvest, hand cut and finally bring the herbs to the dairy indeed are fairies. (Just ask the cheese makers.) - The milk is another reason the Green Fairy is unique and precious. Only pure mountain milk from the region surrounding Lenk, the village at the very far end of Simmental valley, is used to make this cheese. So no long commutes, no frantic pumping. The milk gets straight from the cow to the dairy.

The Green Fairy is made by Lenk Milch, a corporation founded in 1999 with the goal to support and unite the local dairy farmers and market their niche products professionally, so that they actually have a future and can keep the region’s tradition of cheese making alive. The wheels are aged between two and three months.