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Chapel Hill, CH

This cheese took its dairy up yet another notch

Just like his father and before that his grand father, Christian Oberli had successfully been making semisoft cheeses. When he decided to start working with unpasteurized milk, Chapel Hill, CH took his reputation up to a new level.

Christian Oberli and his Käserei Rislen always have had a firm leg in the Swiss cheese landscape. His grandfather had founded the dairy and established a solid quality level as well as clientele. After taking over the company from his Dad, Oberli continued to do what he was used to and what all three of them had been good at all this time: semisoft cheeses from cow milk, pasteurized.

And then came the day, on which Oberli decided to try his hands on raw milk. His vision was a cheese that was balanced, yet came with a little kick and a personality. A cheese that reflected the silent beauty of the rich land around Rislen, a tiny hamlet outside of the village Rossrüti, located between St.Gallen and Zurich. A cheese also, that would let the high quality of the milk shine through: None of the cow herds producing milk for Oberli grazes more than 7 miles away from the dairy. All milk is used straight away and not treated in any way.

The short hill literally starting at the back door of his dairy appeared to Oberli like an omen and he therefore decided to include it into the name of his new cheese: First off, there’s only one chapel, two farms and two cow herds up there, and part of the milk he uses for Chapel Hill comes from those herds. And secondly, the hill stood as a symbol of what the cheese maker was about to achieve - to take a step up to the next and higher level.

Chapel Hill has a surprisingly creamy paste and complex flavors of herbs, grasses, hay and nuts. It is aged five months or more.