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This cute little round won “Best Sheep Milk Cheese” at the Swiss Cheese Awards 2014

Franz Scheuber took a brave step when he decided to establish himself as a producer of high end niche products. Looking back, he thinks he should have done it even earlier. And the newest award proves him right.

There only were two choices after the Swiss government - just before the year 2000 - stopped to financially support producers of those classic cheeses it until then had tried to push: Either a cheese maker moved on and found a niche, or he prepared for his downfall. Scheuber refused to accept the second option and started to reorient his business. The fact that not only cheese makers but also farmers were affected by the sudden change of dairy politics resulted in a rapid growth of available sheep and goat milk. And that’s where Scheuber saw his chance.

The years of learning and switching from working with only cow milk weren’t easy. He had to get used to the different milks, come up with recipes and find out how to achieve consistency in quality. Patience, big effort and an open mind helped him. Meanwhile Scheuber and his team of five craft about 60,000 gallons of milk a year into unique and surprising specialties. All milk is silage free and comes from twelve farms in a radius of no more than seven miles from his Fläcke (stain) dairy in Beromünster, a rural village between the lakes of Sempach and Baldegg, in the Lucerne canton.

cEWEtie is made of thermized milk from Lacaune and Ostfriesen sheep. It is a semisoft, small shaped cheese with a smeared, dry rind and a complex paste with beautiful, very tiny holes. The cheese tastes of almonds and nuts, and its slight sweetness makes it more elegant than powerful. According to the producer the cEWEtie by now has the profile he always wanted to see in it. - The judges at the Swiss Cheese award agree: The little cutie (cEWEtie) was chosen as the best sheep milk cheese made in Switzerland.