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Fixed-Weight Cheeses

Just unwrap and go with these beautiful pre-weighed cheeses

Fixed-weight cheeses from Mifroma are elegantly presented in gourmet-style opaque parchment paper packaging and come with a host of advantages for distributors and store owners.

The attractive wrapping and the use of traditional cuts for each cheese - a round “pie” shape for Gruyère and a chunky “stick” for Emmental – distinguishes Mifroma products from other cheeses on the market.
Distributors will appreciate a product that is ready to display : labeled with an exact fi xed weight and bar code, there is no need for additional price tags. Precisely weighed cheeses makes for uniform distribution packs : these Mifroma products come in individually shrink wrapped portions of eight, a great space saving advantage for any store.
Customers will love the generous portions of these cheeses ; by carefully shaving to ensure minimum rind, customers enjoy maximum cheese.

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