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A delicate cheese with a poetic heart

Rigitaler is poetically known as the “cheese with tears” due to the slightly saltwater tang of the oval holes that characterize this savory product. From the Rigi region in Schwyz, central Switzerland, this unusual, highly regional cheese is infused with the aroma of mountain spices.

Rigitaler is a long-aged cheese, ripened over a period of approximately 12 months, includ-ing nine months as a mountain cheese. The teardrop holes form naturally during the fermentation and maturation process and it is after this that a drop of salt water is deposited into each hole, to create a cheese “tear”. Made from rich, quality Swiss milk from the Schwyz region, Rigitaler has a slight nutty taste with a hint of mountain spices.
This aromatic cheese is ideal in salads, as a dessert, or as a delectable aperitif served with white or fruity red wine.
Rigitaler is produced by the Swiss dairy cooperative, SchwyzerMilchuus.