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Le Merlot

A marriage of pastures and vineyards

Le Merlot, a smooth, semi-firm cheese soaked in vats of fruity Merlot wine, marries the artisan know-how of the cheesemaker with the art of the winegrower.

Refined and aromatic, Le Merlot cheese is well-aged with a semi-firm paste. This fine cheese was created by an enterprising Swiss cheese-maker who was inspired to pair full-bodied wine with a creamy regional cheese in a delicious gourmet alliance.
Our Le Merlot cheese is produced in regional factory dairies in the canton of Zurich, accord-ing to traditional methods. Once the quality Swiss milk has been handcrafted into cheese wheels, the rounds are aged for four months in a temperate cheese cellar and for a further two months, during which time they are dipped in a tub of Merlot at regular intervals. A medium, full-bodied red wine, Merlot is fruity and sophisticated, often with a subtle hint of ivy. The soaked cheese absorbs the rich color of the grapes, to create a deep red rind. The cheese reaches full maturity after five months.
Epicureans will not want to miss out on this exceptional cheese, a flavorful addition to any comprehensive cheese platter. Le Merlot cheese is a dessert cheese, delicious when paired with fruit, perfect as a snack or served as a carpaccio (thinly sliced), with walnut oil.
Le Merlot Cheese distributed by Mifroma is produced by the Theo Sprecher family dairy.