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Le Brigand du Jorat

Paying testament to past times

The Jorat forests are found in the canton of Vaud, in the French-speaking, south-western part of Switzerland. These wooded landscapes are steeped in legend and the delicious Brigand du Jorat cheese is a gastronomic product that pays homage to local folklore.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Jorat forests were inhabited by marauding bandits who would besiege unwary travelers. Today the highway robbers have given way to more kindly forestry associations whose mission is to protect the beauty of Switzerland’s land-scapes and preserve the customs of the Jorat villages.
This highly local cheese pays testament to these past times and the motif of the tale is imprinted into the cheese itself; the rich golden-brown of the Brigand du Jorat cheese wheel is decorated with a fir tree.
The cheese is only produced by a handful of local dairies in the Vaud region. A tangy cheese reminiscent of its earthy, woody origins, Brigand du Jorat is strong tasting; with delicate fruit notes and a rich mouth feel. Before the cheese leaves the manufacture, it is ripened in raisinée, a deeply fragrant fruit juice, comprised of pressed pear or apple juice that has been simmered and stirred for about 30 hours. Brigand du Jorat is produced by the St-Cierge-le-Jorat dairy, owned by Pierre-André Freymond.