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Holzmichl Käse

As hearty as its lumberjack namesake

A typical mountain cheese, the Holzmichl - meaning “lumberjack” – is a characterful product that recalls the temperament of the sturdy woodsmen from the heart of Switzerland.

Strong and hearty, the Holzmichl is an aro-matic specialty cheese that originates from the wildly beautiful canton of Schwyz, in the centre of Switzerland. Home to rugged hills and dense forest, the richly flavored Holz-michl hails from the foot of the imposing Mount Mythen that dominates this canton. Here, cows graze on the fragrant herbs and plants at the foot of this great mountain, infusing the milk with a delicious flavor.
A semi-hard cheese, the Holzmichl is naturally aged for five to six months in the Brunnen cheese cave near Lake Lucerne. With a spicy tang and robust flavor, all the beauty of the region is reflected in this appetizing cheese.
Careful affinage (maturation) in pine bark gives the cheese a reddish brown rind. The Holzmichl Käse boasts an exceptional flavor and merits being eaten on its own; serve as a savory appetizer or pair with fruit as a gourmet snack.
The Holzmichl Käse is produced by the Swiss dairy cooperative, SchwyzerMilchuus.