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Tilsiter Mild

A regional Swiss cheese with Russian origins

The story of Swiss Tilsiter is a typically Swiss tale of innovation and improvement. In 1893, Swiss emigrant Otto Wartmann returned from the Russian village of Tilsit to his hometown of Thurgau, with a recipe sequestered in his pocket. In the local Holzhof cheese factory, located in the lovely little town of Bissegg, Otto Wartmann improved on the original recipe to create a specialty cheese, the Swiss Tilsiter. Otto’s authentic formula has since remained unchanged.

Swiss Tilsiter is only produced by a handful of dairies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and is a strongly regional and authentic cheese. Manufactured by local artisan cheese makers to stringent guidelines, Tilsiter is made from quality, fresh milk that has been pasteurized by heating to over 158° F. Creamy yellow in appearance and characterized by a handful of small holes, Tilsiter has a mild, yet earthy aroma.
With a soft-textured paste and pleasant texture, Tilsiter makes a tasty addition to any cooked cheese dish, although its delicious savory tones can be enjoyed on their own. Tilsiter makes a vibrant, authentic addition to any cheese platter.