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Original Swiss Fondue

The most convivial way to dine

Fondue is a typically Swiss traditional dish and makes an excellent shared meal. Fondue is composed of different Swiss cheeses, which harks back to its rural origins when shepherds frugally re-used left-over pieces of cheese and stale bread from their long periods on the mountainside.

Fondue, meaning “melted” in French, is a delicious winter dish comprising a hot pot of runny cheese into which guests dip their pieces of crusty bread or vegetables. In Switzerland, fondue has its own entertain-ing set of rituals and rites; everywhere else in the world it is simply enjoyed as a hearty and convivial seasonal dish.
Deeply flavored cheeses with strong melting qualities make up the fondue mix, which typically combines the tasty Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, Gruyère AOP or Emmentaler AOP cheeses. The variety of cheese in a fondue makes it particularly adaptable to all guests’ tastes.
Fondue from Mifroma comes “ready to serve”, in two assortments. Traditionalists can choose the Original Fondue mix, a popular choice comprising a blend of Gruyère AOP and Emmentaler AOP cheeses. Gourmets may favor the authentic “moitié-moitié” or “half and half” mix, made up of Gruyère AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP. Our Fondue Selection comes ready-to-use and simply requires heating. The wine, spices and special blend of Fondue cheeses are all included in the sachet. Nourishing and economical, fondue is more than a meal – it’s a shared moment.