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Emmentaler AOP

The “King of Cheeses”

The pale and creamy Emmentaler AOP is the most iconic of all Swiss cheeses, characterized by its mild flavor and cherry-sized holes. Produced in the east of Switzerland
in the picturesque valley of the river Emme, this “king of cheeses” has been locally made since the 13th century.

Emmentaler AOP has a deliciously mild, sweet and slightly nutty flavor. This exceptional cheese carries the AOP label, as it is a unique product of controlled origin. Only 200 village dairies, located in the picturesque valley of the river Emme, are authorized to make Swiss Emmentaler cheese, which is crafted to a strict set of time-honored methods. Emmentaler AOP owes its delicious flavor to the exceptionally high quality of milk used to produce this great cheese. Only milk from cows fed on grass, and not on silage (preserved pasture feed) can be used.
The impeccably fresh milk is used straight from the dairy. Additives are prohibited, as are genetically modified ingredients. The holes that render this cheese so recognizable form during maturation, while the cheese is fermenting in a warm cellar.
A medium-hard cheese, ivory in color and with an even rind, Emmentaler AOP should be a staple of any cheese board. With its sweet, mild taste, Emmentaler AOP truly is a cheese for the whole family; children will love the characterful holes, whilst chefs will delight in its versatile cooking qualities. Emmentaler AOP is generally enjoyed cold and is excellent at breakfast or as a dessert. It is the staple of any cheese board. Emmentaler AOP exists in varying degrees of maturity to suit every taste and usage. Emmentaler AOP Mild has been aged for three months and has a light flavor.

AOP label