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A mild, spicy cheese from the heart of Switzerland

Appenzeller cheese owes its name to the region in which it is produced, the Appenzell. Situated in the northeast of Switzerland, this beautiful mountainous area is rich in folklore and heritage; even today, folk music, traditional dancing and ceremonially descending the cows in autumn are just some of the lovely cultural customs that thrive and flourish in this canton.

The fertile herbal meadows lend Appenzeller its unique flavor. The cheese is washed at regular intervals with an aromatic herbal brine, the ingredients of which are a closely guarded secret, passed down from generation to gener-ation. Appenzeller is a medium-hard, spicy cheese with a maturation period of between three to six months. It is during this time that the cheese is rubbed with aromatics: the herbs seep through the rind to give Appenzeller its incomparable flavor. Throughout production, the Appenzeller is fermented and ripened in natural cheese cellars. The texture of this cheese is smooth, with small, pea-sized holes.
Appenzeller has been produced locally for over 700 years and today, Appenzeller is one of the most popular cheeses in Switzerland, and for good reason. A wonderful addition to any cheese platter, this mild and spicy cheese will be appreciated by lovers of fine food. The delicious herb-infused light taste renders Appenzeller ideal for cooking with and it is a cheese that melts well. Appenzeller can be appreciated as a simple dessert and is the perfect companion to crisp, sharp fruit, such as apples.
Appenzeller is available in varying degrees of maturity to suit every palette and cheese board. Appenzeller CLASSIC is matured over three months, whilst the Appenzeller EXTRA is matured for six months, for a deeper, fuller taste.