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Le Gruyère AOP Cavern
Cave-Aged 11 months

Gourmet, full-bodied Gruyère AOP with extra bite

The much-loved Gruyère AOP cheese has been produced in the region of Gruyère, Western Switzerland, since the 12th century. A staple of all gourmet cheese platters, and a versatile cooking and eating cheese, Le Gruyère AOP takes on extremely noble notes when aged to full maturity. Le Gruyère AOP 11 months from the Cavern range is a deliciously full-bodied cheese distinguished from its milder variants by a distinctive crystalline crunch, a hard crumbly and grainy paste and melting grains.

Le Gruyère AOP is prepared from the finest raw milk from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter. The use of any additives is prohibited.
The character of this superior cheese lies in its specific production methods, which, in accordance with AOP requirements, remain true to the original recipe and follow time-honored techniques.
After being aged for two to three months, the Gruyère AOP wheels arrive at the Mifroma caverns from local village dairies. The cheese is then ripened over several months in our sandstone caverns that benefit from 96% humidity and a constant temperature (55.4 – 57.2° F). It is in this exceptional environment that the cheese acquires its succulent character. Our long-aged cheeses within the Cavern range are matured for 11 months, during which time the rounds of cheese are regularly turned and brushed with salt water. These proven methods, an extended aging process and the great care given to this majestic product confer Le Gruyère AOP its incomparable flavor.
Le Gruyère AOP will take pride of place on all fine cheese boards. A savory end to any meal, this excellent cheese lends itself to the preparation of tasty hot dishes and is a key ingredient in authentic Swiss fondue.
The fruity taste of the Gruyère AOP wheels varies according their maturity. Le Gruyère AOP Cavern is aged for a minimum of 11 months.

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