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Traditional methods, modern techniques

The basic principles of cheese making have remained unchanged over the centuries.

The production of Swiss cheeses comprises five stages: curdling; pre-cheesing; heating, forming and saline ­bathing; fermenting ripening; and quality control.

Each of our cheeses is the result of centuries of artisan knowledge and skills married with the most modern of quality control and production technologies. For precision and flavor, many of the stages are carried out by hand, from salting and churning to turning and washing the cheese wheel. All cheese is checked individually by our Master Cheese Makers before it goes on sale. A distinctive feature of Mifroma cheeses is that many of our products are matured in a vast natural cave in Ursy, a village at the foot of the Alps. It was over 50 years ago that this ancient rocky cavern was transformed into the perfect cheese chamber. Carved from the mountainside over century, the rugged walls of our prized grotto retain high levels of humidity and maintain a constant year-round temperature of 50 to 57.2° F. This ­temperate environment is the ideal place in which to mature our cheeses to perfection.

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